3 days left for Lok Sabha elections, parties storm social media with welfare schemes

HYDERABAD: With three days left for voting, political parties have started promoting their schemes extensively on social media. Social media is buzzing with videos, images and texts by parties. With hashtags such as #AbHogaNyay, WithKCR and #Telangana-WithKCR and #IsBaarPhirModi trending, candidates and official party pages are leaving no stone unturned to reach out to voters with their schemes.
For example, TRS is largely promoting the developmental works by showcasing irrigation projects such as Kaleshwaram and mission Bhagiratha apart from highlighting Rythu Bandhu and pension schemes. Though there is no official social media account of KCR.
Congress is promoting their scheme to provide a minimum annual income of ? 72,000 to every poor family in the country. “BJP drastically cut down funds to MGNREGA leading to large scale migrations & unemployment. Average days of work provided per household from FY16 to FY19 stand at 47, which is not even half of the 100 days of guaranteed work. Congress guarantees 150 days of work. #AbHogaNYAY,” tweeted the official handle of Telangana Congress.

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