Allagadda TDP MLA: Chances of getting tragedy .. Will All Prithvi win again?



  • When Amma died in an accident she was unanimously elected as the All-Priya MLA.
  • Then he went to TDP with his father.
  • My father died of a sudden heart attack and became a minister at a young age.
Allalada .. When this name is mentioned, Bhumaa and Gangula’s family names. From this constituency, the sitting MLA is on the seat of the All India Priya Brijirpu from YSRCP from Ganga Prabhakar Reddy’s son Brijendra Reddy. As part of the alliance, this place was allocated to the BSP. The politics here are around the parties and not only around the parties. Since 1967, they are still MLAs belonging to Ganga, Bhuma and Soma (SV Subbareddi) families in Algalgaya. 

Initially, Gangasam Prabhakar Reddy’s father Thimmareddy and Bhumaa Nagir Reddy’s father Balarireddi had a dominant fight. After the murder of Bali Reddy, his sons Sekhar and Nagireddy came into politics. After his death, his sons Prabhakar Reddy and Pratap Reddy received their father’s legacy. Generation between the families of the generations has not changed. 

In the 1967 elections, ALLAGADDA from the Independent timmareddi won raining. In 1972, Bhuvanangireddy’s uncle, Savi Reddy was defeated by Timmareddy. In 1978 Timmareddi again won. His son Pratap Reddy was elected to the Congress in the 1980 election. In 1983, SV Subbareddy won the Independent. 

Ganga Pratap Reddy, who won the Congress in 1985, again won the 2004 Lok Sabha election on Bhumaa Nagir Reddy. In 1989, Sekhar, brother of Bhooma Nagar Reddy, was successful. Bhooma Nagar Reddy won the 1994 and 99 th.

Shobhaanagireddy won from PRP in the 2009 elections. In 2014 she was nominated as a vice presidential candidate and she died in road accident during election campaign. The nominee continued her candidacy as she was already nominated. After her death she succeeded Prabhakar Reddy.

With the death of Shobha Nagar Reddy, the YSRCP has been elected unanimously in the constituency. Then he went to TDP with his father. Bhumaa Nagir Reddy got the job of Alla Priya with the death. Minister Aiyaki married the businessman Bhargav. 

In the 2019 elections, the Bhooma and Ganga families are in the fray. Kurnool Sitting MLA, Akhila Priya Mayamama SV Mohan Reddy joined the YSRCP before the election. When political equations are changed, will all the Priya win again from the Kurnool district of Jains? Or not? It’s interesting. 

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