Andhra CM announced cancellation of CPS and pay of 27% IR to all State employees.

Andhra Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy has promised to pay an interim relief (IR) of 27% to the State government employees along with the cancellation of the contributory pension scheme (CPS).

Representatives of various employee unions have met Mr. Jagan at his chambers after office on Saturday.

Addressing them Mr. Jagan announced that 27% IR to the employees and cancelling CPS would be finalised in the cabinet meeting which will be held in a day or two. Mr. Jagan’s announcement had  raised ‘Jai Jagan’ slogans.

Mr. Jagan further assured that all the promises made in the YSR Congress Party’s election manifesto will be fulfilled. He said all efforts to regularize a maximum number of outsourced staff and their salaries will be increased.

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