Article 370 Nixed as J&K was Muslim-ruled, Says P Chidambaram

Chennai: Former association pastor and Congress pioneer P Chidambaram on Sunday attacked the BJP for repeal of Article 370, saying the saffron gathering would not have “grabbed away” the unique status had Jammu and Kashmir been a Hindu-commanded state.

Asserting that BJP renounced the Article with its “muscle control”, he said the circumstance in Jammu and Kashmir was unsteady and that global news organizations were covering the distress, however not Indian media houses.

“…They (BJP) guarantee Kashmir is steady. Is it? Does it mean stable if Indian media houses don’t cover the agitation in J&K?”

He additionally went after seven territorial gatherings administering in seven states, saying they didn’t participate against the BJP’s move in the Rajya Sabha out of “dread”.

Communicating disappointment over non-collaboration of resistance groups, Chidambaram stated, “I realize we don’t have dominant part in Lok Sabha, however hosted the seven gatherings (AIADMK, YSRCP, TRS, BJD, AAP, TMC, JDU) coordinated, the restriction would have been in lion’s share in RS. This is something baffling,”

TMC completed a walkout, however what’s the distinction, he inquired.

Around 10,000 individuals dissented in Soura in J and K is a reality, police move made spot is a fact and shootings occurred during the blend is a reality” Chidambaram said at an open gathering held here to censure the BJP’s turn.

Chidambaram said that in the 70-year history of the country, there has never been a case of a state being diminished to a Union Territory and it has consistently been the opposite.

“Today, Jammu and Kashmir has been transformed into a municipality…There are uncommon arrangements for different states under Article 371, why just J and K…This is a result of religious devotion.

On the off chance that J&K was a Hindu commanded state, BJP would not have done this. They did it simply because the district is ruled by Muslims,” the previous association priest asserted.

“BJP is boasting about coordinating Kashmir with muscle control,” he included.

Stressing that there was never a contention between previous Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and previous home pastor Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Chidambaram stated, “Patel was never a RSS functionary. They (BJP) don’t have any pioneer, they are taking our pioneer. Regardless of who takes, history remembers to whom the item has a place.”

Hitting out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “specifically” discussing laws that don’t make a difference for J&K on the day he tended to the country after repeal of Article 370, the Congress head stated, “I can rundown out 90 different laws that apply to J&K.”

Naming Congress pioneers who quit the gathering starting at “18 carat” quality, Chidambaram said just those as yet remaining with the fantastic old gathering are of 22 and 24 carat quality.

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