BJP intentionally creating faults in power supply says Congress

Bhopal: The war of words between the ruling Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over power outages continued as the former accused a BJP leader of recruiting youths for manufacturing power cuts.

Congress’ media coordinator Narendra Saluja, in a statement, accused the BJP of indulging in a conspiracy to deliberately cause power cuts.

Saluja shared a social media post of BJP Damoh IT cell head Manish Tiwari in which the latter wrote, “Required. Youths who could help in power cuts. Pease contact Damoh BJP,”

The Congress leader said the post exposed the BJP, adding that recently an audio had also gone viral in which BJP leaders were talking about manufacturing power cuts.

“There was power cut in 22 Damoh villages with a deliberate fault in supply line. An FIR was also lodged over the matter,” said Saluja.

Stating that there was no power shortage in Madhya Pradesh, Saluja said the state was power surplus and the BJP was trying to confuse the public and malign the Congress government’s image.

BJP spokesperson Rahul Kothari said the Congress government had failed miserably in ensuring uninterrupted power supply in the state and was now levelling fake and baseless allegations on the saffron party.

“The Congress is unnecessarily highlighting a satirical post of a BJP worker,” said Kothari.

On Thursday, as part of its persistent campaign against the Kamal Nath-led Congress state government, the BJP staged another demonstration in Jabalpur.

Nath has alleged that BJP workers were conniving with government officials to deliberately create faults in supply lines.

In response, the BJP has dared the Congress government to take action over the matter, if true

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