Boris Johnson suffers blow after attack from former Tory leader ahead of hustings with rival Jeremy Hunt

Boris Johnson has suffered a blow to his campaign for the Tory crown after-party grandee William Hague backed his rival, Jeremy Hunt.

Ahead of leadership hustings in Belfast, the former Conservative leader warned that Mr. Johnson’s Brexit strategy could destroy the party, saying his pledge to leave the EU by 31 October on a “do or die” basis had cost him a vote.

“In doing so, however much I wish him well if he is elected, he has lost my vote, because ‘do and then die’ could very easily be the outcome”, Lord Hague said.

Boris Johnson says the ‘only thing that will snap is people’s patience’. The Tory party will not recover as a ‘fighting force until we get Brexit done’, he says.

Asked if the Tory party should organize better in Northern Ireland, Johnson says the event looks pretty well-organized to him. He says is the only candidate left who has addressed the local associations in the area before.

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