Congress in Assam: Party at risk of being shellacked again if it fails to navigate host of external challenges

Within the span of 15 years, the Congress party in Assam has transformed itself from a fortress of invincibility to a heap of ruins. This four-part series will examine what ails the party in Assam and if there is a possibility of a spark that rekindles hope for the party to relive its glorious days. This is the second part of the series.

As much as the internal strife within the party can be blamed for the fall of Congress in Assam and many other states in India, a handful of external factors also led to its downfall. Failure to take along all constituents of its voter base despite having good relations with all of them proved to be detrimental as the BJP was quick to cash in on the gaps. Whether it was the Muslims, tea garden workers or the various Scheduled Tribes in Assam, the Congress no longer has a consolidated voter base to fall back upon.

The Bodoland Autonomous Council was created under the Bodoland Council Act of Assam, amended on 8 April, 1993 and it received the assent of the president on 3 May, 1993. It is also covered by the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution with Saikia at the helm of affairs in Assam.

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