Dedicated Bank For BC’s says Chandrababu Naidu

AP chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday guaranteed a devoted bank for in reverse networks (BC) to meet their money related needs once TDP was casted a ballot back to influence.

Tending to a rally at Pathikonda in Kurnool area, Naidu rattled off the various welfare plans propelled by TDP over the most recent five years.

“Backward communities have been TDP’s backbone. TDP is committed to ensure your financial well-being. The TDP government will set up a dedicated bank for the BCs with a paid-up capital of ?10,000 crore,” said Naidu.

Promising the general population that he would keep on making riches for the state which would be circulated to the majority through various welfare programs, Naidu additionally sounded an expression of alert that every one of these plans will be halted if YSRCP comes to influence.

“And no entrepreneur will come to invest in AP if Jagan comes to power” included Naidu.

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