Donald Trump accidentally reveals Mexico migrant plan by waving a document around

US President Donald Trump has accidentally revealed some details of his immigration deal with Mexico.

He refused to discuss the plans with reporters as he was being discreet about it.

But he said this while waving around a sheet of paper that had the specifics of the deal written on it – which was then captured by news media.

It described a plan to designate Mexico a “safe third country”, among other plans that had already been revealed by Mexico’s foreign minister on Monday.

If Mexico were to be a safe third country, migrants’ asylum applications would be processed there rather than in the US.

The document supposedly said Mexico had committed to immediately examining its laws in order to enable it to become a safe third country.

It also contained references to a regional asylum plan, which would involve several Latin American countries processing migrants’ asylum claims in order to stave off US tariffs, and to “45 days”.

Mr Ebrard said that Mexico had  a span of 45 days to show it was able to stem the flow of US-bound migrants by strengthening its southern border. It is now deploying 6,000 National Guard personnel to the border with Guatemala.

If this plan fails, the foreign minister said, Mexico has agreed to be known a safe third country – something that has been demanded by the US before, but has long been rejected by Mexico.

If Mexico fails to curb migration in 45 days, other countries will be drawn into the matter. Mr Ebrard said that the US negotiators wanted Mexico to commit to “zero migrants” crossing its territory, but that was “mission impossible”.

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