Gudivada will hit the ground

Krishnajila Gudivada is the key constituency in the Seemandhra polls in the AP polls . NTR’s own constituency .. Seven after becoming a YCP in Guwahada like to get to Tamil Nadu, Fan Wind is strong. Kodali Nani who jumped from TDP to YCP .. Josh was with hat-trick victories. Nani is going to win this time .. This time the young heroine Devaneni and Avinash tigipi tipipi .. the yellow flag is going to be dinamata. The time has come for the results. Gudivada is the one who sticks to the whole state. 

If you come to Gudivada constituency with a long history, the Congress has winded the air in the early stages. In 1972, 1978, Karatari Satyanarayana Rao won the seat. Later NTR gave a political entry and won it from Guwahati in 1983 and 1985. In 1989, the ease of contesting from Congress was the success of Ishwar Kumar. Ravi Shobhana Nath Choudhary in 1994. Ravi Hari Gopalalu won in 1999. 

In 2004, with a close relationship with Junior NTR, a political entry was given. He was the MLA from Gudiwada. Then in 2009, the Congress won the seat. YSR Congress party formed in 2012 by YS Jagan. Later in 2014, he contested from the YCP and won again. 

This time, the Telugu Desam Party tactics have changed for the victory in Gudivada. Ravi Venkateswara Rao, who contested from TDP in 2014. Former minister Devineni Nehru’s son Devineni was given to Avinash. The strongest leader in the Guwahada was Kandi Nali-a young man in politics as the Avinash struck. Kannali Nani Mass Leader .. There are good contacts in the locality. Nani has been drawn to politics as he is also an experienced man in the form of strategies. Vishipi has been promoting Avinash Nan Local as well.

His father is in Avinash constituency and his welfare schemes are being won by TDP government. Social equations .. Telugu youth will serve as President and get involved in local issues. Gudivada constituency is drawing attention to the results. It’s interesting that both of us are going to win. How thrilling it is to see who is coming to power in the state is a suspense thriller.

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