London Cyclists Ride in Support of Palestinian Cause

A few hundred cyclists have rioted of London to challenge the Israeli-Palestinian clash, and to fund-raise for a Palestinian philanthropy.

The ride has been a yearly occasion in London since 2015. They’re get-together to ride 36 miles over the city, bearing Palestinian banners and ringing their bicycle chimes as they go, PNN reports.

The yearly “Huge Ride for Palestine” draws in Londoners from varying backgrounds. Presently in its fourth year, the ride is both a demonstration of challenge and a pledge drive.

Before bouncing on their bicycles, the riders hear talks from activists and volunteers. One of the speakers is Palestinian national football crew player Mahmoud Sarsak, who went on a three-month yearning strike while being confined by Israeli experts.

“(It is) my fantasy, to take this ride one day to begin from Rafah to end in the north of Palestine in Acre, with raising our Palestinian banner to demonstrate the general population that regardless we have trust,” he tells the group.

The riders take a roundabout course, beginning in North Kensington and meandering through north and focal London to Bethnal Green in the city’s east.

In Bethnal Green, the riders descent and accumulate on the means of St John on Bethnal Green church. They yell mottos and hold flags to bring issues to light of the Israeli-Palestinian clash.

Since the Big Ride began it has raised more than £130,000 (161,000 US dollars) for Palestinian foundations. Coordinators state this year the group was twofold the size of last year’s, and figure they may have raised a record sum.

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