Mangalagiri: Nara Lakhes first victory in direct election? Will you change the history of Chinababu?


  • Nara Lokesh is one of the leaders who has attracted the attention of the election.
  • This was because he was the first to live in the direct election.
  • If Nara Lokesh win in Mangalagiri the history is reversible.
Nara Lokesh is one of the most anticipated candidates who is releasing the election results . This is because Lokesh is the son of the Chief Minister and the first time in the election. Lokesh, who was in the ring from the Mangalgiri constituency of the capital, was defeated by the MLA’s Athula Ramakrishna Reddy. It is estimated that Lokesh has been given a stiff competition. Here TDPP, VCP propagated as harahori. Jagan also campaigned in Mangalgiri. 

Lokayukta leaders say that Lokesh will be defeated in Mangalagiri. But the Exit Polls predicted that Lokesh would win. Large scale bouts were also made about whether Lokesh would win. The TCP has allegedly spent Rs 300 crore for Lokesh’s success. 

In Mangalgiri, Aalla Ramakrishna Reddy won the TDP candidate Ganji Chiranjeevi by just 12 votes in 2014. Chiranjeevi got 88,965 votes. Nara Lokas was strongly advertised for the victory in Mangalgiri, where handlooms and Muslim votes were high. At the end of his life, Brahmin also promoted his wife. After 1985 Lokesh, who did not fly the TDP flag at Mangalagiri, won the 30 years history to win. 

The impression is that the impression is that the Lok Sabha is minus the number of mistakes in the election speeches. He is working as a minister for the development of the capital of Mangalgiri and the chance to win the party and get the key points. It is known that the IT and Panchayati Raj Department functions as the MLC elected by Lokesh Chandrababu.

Lokayukta said, “In the name of MLM in 2017, he has assets worth Rs 273.84 crore. In the name of nomination in the 2019 elections, Lockheed affidavit claimed that there are fixed and movable assets worth Rs 319.68 crore.

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