Mohan babu re-entry into politics

Not surprisingly Collection King Mohan Babu hosts joined YSR Congress gathering. On Tuesday, Mohan Babu alongside his child Vishnu achieved Lotus Pond and met Jagan. Post meeting with Jagan, Mohan Babu approached the press at Park Hyatt lodging.

Mohan babu sat before media wearing YSRCP’s scarf. “Following 20 years, I have returned legislative issues. I didn’t make a rebound to legislative issues only for one MLA seat or MP situate. I elucidated to Jagan that I’m not anticipating anything from him. On the off chance that that is the situation, I could host consolidated Jagan’s get around three years back. I wholeheartedly feel that YSRCP will win the decisions and Jagan will turn into the central clergyman of AP,” said Mohan Babu.

Over expense repayment push, Mohan Babu and TDP are on a war of words for as far back as couple of days. Talking on this, he stated, “Throughout the most recent three years, I have raised this issue with Chandrababu numerous multiple times. He guaranteed me that he would pay in the interest of the legislature. This isn’t any issue as in February this year, I have composed a letter to the AP CM. With no appropriate reaction, I have no other alternative than to challenge.”

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