Narasapuram: Nagababu ‘Gabbarasat’ as ‘Kapu’ karaara brothers!

Konidela Nagababu .. Actor and producer .. In addition to MegaStar’s younger brother Pawan Kalyan has given a political entry .. Nasarappuram politics in the ‘Jansana’ cycle in the 2019 election. Janasena seats in the elections which were taking a census winning happening contested narasapurampaine is the focus of everyone.

Pawan Kalyan, however, has shown that it is good to go to the assembly, but political parties have expressed their confidence that the party will not have the highest seats in this election. Interestingly, the debate on Nagababu’s victory in this context is going on. The Lok Sabha seats in Jasan’s hopes are Narasapuram, Amalapuram and Vizag, while Naga Babu is still in the forefront.

The main strength of Nagababu .. own social community

If you want to say that the votes are going to be beaten, it is from the social community. About 12 lakhs voters are in the Narasapur constituency in which the social community has over 3 lakh votes. Assembly constituencies within the Narasapur segments constituency. Achanta, Palokol, Narasapuram, Bhimavaram, Pudukku, Thanagalli and Thadapalligudam constituencies are the most affected by the social community.

With this effect, Pawan supported the candidates in these constituencies in the last election. But now that Jassein has entered into live politics and his own president, Anna Nagarbabu is contesting here, the strongest social community has been standing up for Nagababu’s success.

At the same time, there is a claim that the sitting MPs on behalf of TDP in the assembly segments of the Kapu community voters are leading to voter turnout. With Kshatriya voting in Narasapuram too, the TDP and the YCP have come under the category of Kshatriya social groups. Raghurama Krishna Ramarajarajaraju on behalf of the VSIPP .. On behalf of TDP, Vettukuri Shivarama Raju (Kalavapudi Shiva) is in the fray. But both of these were Kshatriya casteists and the votes were unlikely. This is the issue that comes together with Janes. However, the Narasapuram cash flow has worked well and it seems that the WCP candidate has taken a lot of strategic steps. Political analysts believe that the cinematic equations, cine glamor, Nagababu Narasapuram, ‘Jansena’ flag eagarestara means piffy fifty chans.

Nairabadam Lok Sabha seat from 1957 to 19 elections has been held for eight times, eight times Congress, four times TDP, twice in the BJP, once the CPI candidates won. Gunasanga Gangaraju who contested on behalf of BJP in the last election. And in this election, the victory of the horse will float in the results of tomorrow.

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