PM Modi gives New trademark ‘Vijayi Bharat’

New Delhi: On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to his twitter and tweeted after the Saffron party was good to go to hold control for a second back to back term in the Lok Sabha. The tweet discussed a ‘Vijayi Bharat’ where there would be comprehensive improvement for all.

PM Modi composed that a successful India would be made by means of improvement for all and with the trust of all. He further proceeded to compose that we will become together and flourish together, building a more grounded India which is increasingly comprehensive.

The fight for the seventeenth Lok Sabha was a wildly battled one where the Opposition attempted its best to wrest control from the BJP-drove NDA However, the patterns on the outcome day allude to considerably greater numbers for the saffron party than the ones they gathered in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

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