PM Narendra Modi said Congress Picked Loyal guard Manmohan Singh until ‘Shehzada’ Was prepared

Sagar: As PM Narendra Modi’s jibe at late PM Rajiv Gandhi continues to kick up a political storm, an unfazed Prime Minister on Sunday said that his precursor Dr Manmohan Singh was priming the office till Rahul Gandhi was able to take up the mantle.

“This is that the party (Congress) that forced a prime Minister onto the country so they can replace him with a PM in waiting,” Modi said in a very rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar district.

The PM compared the Congress move to that of a cricket team, that sends out an evening watcher to bat once its team loses a wicket during the last session of a test series.

“Dr Singh was picked up by the Congress as PM in 2004 once the party suddenly got power against their expectations and therefore the party and even the family wasn’t positive of the capabilities of the ‘prince’,” he aforementioned mistreatment the common epithet attributed to Rahul Gandhi.

Modi accessorial that the (Gandhi) family had given the ‘prince’ most coaching and had waited for him to mature however, all their efforts are vainly.

“In the method, the country lost 10 important years of the 21st century and there was an environment of despair and despondency by 2014.”

The PM more claimed that within the 10 years of Congress rule the gdp growth had declined to five with Associate in Nursing rate of inflation of tenth following former Prime Minister Atal Bihar Vajpayee’s time in workplace that had seen an eightvo rate and nominal rate of inflation.

“The BJP then offered a stable and powerful government from 2014 to 2019,” he said.

The PM conjointly secure that his party can by 2022 perform comes involving the building of roads, bathrooms and alternative amenities, that the “Congress government would have taken one hundred years” to implement.

In the second rally in Gwalior, Modi said, “This is that the 1st election post emergency in 1977 wherever the public is fighting the election to make sure the come of the (current) government.”

“There are four parties in elections—Naampanthi, Wampanthi, Kaampanthi and Vikas Panthi,” aforementioned the PM reiterating his hopes that the public would go for Vikaspanthi (pro-development) BJP.

He more alleged that once a needy individual had reached the govt. hospital in Amethi and showed his Ayushman Yojana card, he was turned away. “The governments in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan are not extending advantages of Ayushman Yojana,” he claimed.

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