President Kovind addresses about Triple talaq, nikah halala in Parliament

President Ram Nath Kovind today asserted that there is need to do away with practices like instant triple talaq and nikah halala in his address to the joint session of Parliament.

He said, To ensure equal rights to every sister and daughter in the country, it is necessary to eliminate bad practices like instant triple talaq and nikah halala. I appeal to all members to contribute towards making the lives of our sisters and daughters honourable and better.

The BJP has been pushing for passing a law against instant triple talaq and nikah halala calling these as oppressive practices against Muslim women. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken about it in several of his public rallies.

In its poll manifesto, the BJP promised to bring a law to put an end to these practices. The Supreme Court has ruled instant triple talaq as unconstitutional following which the previous Modi government had introduced a Bill to make instant triple talaq by Muslim men a criminal offence.

But the Bill could not be passed in Parliament in the wake of stiff resistance from the Opposition. The government later brought an ordinance to implement the Supreme Court order.

Instant triple talaq is an old practice among Muslims under which a Muslim man pronounces divorces on his wife by uttering talaq three times in one go. Many scholars of Islam have viewed this form of divorce unislamic.

Nikah halala, on the other hand, is an Islamic dictum requiring a divorced woman to marry and consummate the marriage with another man before she can return to her first husband. There have been reports suggesting that this practice has been grossly misused to the disadvantage of Muslim women.

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