Telangana stunner: KCR’s little girl Kavitha loses to BJP competitor in Nizamabad LS situate

In the greatest bombshell among the challenges for the Lok Sabha situates in Telangana, Nizamabad’s sitting MP Kalvakuntla Kavitha, likewise the girl of Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao, has lost the seat to the BJP hopeful Arvind Dharmapuri. While Kavitha surveyed under 40% of the votes, Arvind vanquished her with over 45% of the votes, an edge of in excess of 70,000 votes.

After a triumphant success in the Assembly decisions with 88 of 119 seats, it was viewed as a given that the KCR wave would guarantee a colossal triumph for Kavitha. Be that as it may, only days before the races, she was looked with an exceptional test in the Parliamentary decisions, as she was not just challenging against her opponent Arvind from the BJP and senior Congress pioneer Madhu Yashki, she was likewise challenging against 174 turmeric ranchers who had entered the survey fight to feature their emergency. Kavitha had guaranteed the setting up of a national turmeric board, however couldn’t convey on that.

In spite of the fact that overwhelmed that the ranchers didn’t haul out of the challenge regardless of her solicitations, Kavitha had said that the upsetting ranchers were challenging the Center, and she was with them. She said that they won’t influence her triumph. However, clearly, they have. Aside from the BJP, Congress and TRS, around 1 lakh votes were surveyed for the 182 different hopefuls, well over her edge of thrashing.

Further, she was additionally not ready to takeover the Nizam Sugar Factory, as guaranteed by the TRS government. Both the issues appear to have affected her triumph. While Madhu Yashki remained for the most part inaccessible in the voting demographic, BJP pioneer Arvind, who made his political presentation as MP applicant, filled the void and tested Kavitha at each front. Arvind is the child of previous TRS pioneer D Srinivas. Asserting that D Srinivas urged his child to challenge against her from the BJP, she looked for disciplinary activity against Srinivas.

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