Try not to come in my way…KA Paul warns KTR

HYDERABAD: Praja Shanti Party boss and evangelist KA Paul has warns KT Rama Rao, TRS working president and child of Telangana Chief Minister KCR not to come in his manner. Tending to media here on Tuesday he lashed out at KTR and said that 23 families are crying after their kids ended it all because of Intermediate imprints goof-up. “In the event that KTR is having more cash, he needs to play with Congress or Kodandaram. Be that as it may, don’t play with KA Paul who vanquished this world.”- he cautioned. He reminded that he favored his dad KCR when he came to him amid 2008 and furthermore gave assets at the season of development of TRS.

“KTR ended up distraught. He has no certainties. He turned into a prideful person. Suicides by Intermediate understudies is so agonizing. One can’t rest if their blood connection ends it all. In the event that KCR goes to Chinna Jeeyar Swami likewise, his wrongdoings won’t be washed medium-term. On the off chance that I revile, they will lose everything. KCR and KTR ought to pursue my way…I don’t need any battle with them…We all ought to convey US president to Hyderabad for the advancement of Telangana. Give me a letter for the benefit of the Telangana government…I will bring US President Donal Trump. The individuals who are improper are joining TRS from different gatherings”- he remarked.

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