‘We support Sumalatha for her fight against illicit mining’

MANDYA: Darshan Puttannaiah, Swaraj Abhiyan pioneer and child recently rancher pioneer KS Puttanaiah from Mandya, has been battling unequivocally for free applicant Sumalatha Ambareesh. Darshan, a product engineer, came back to India from the US after his dad’s demise and fruitlessly challenged the get together surveys a year ago.

The Congress upheld you in the gathering surveys when you challenged from Melukote. For what reason would you say you are supporting Sumalatha who is battling against the Congress-JD(S) coalition?

When I challenged the surveys, Congress and JD(S) had not framed a collusion. I challenged against JD(S) competitor CS Puttaraju. The gatherings later held hands to shape the administration which was only crafty governmental issues. Supporting Sumalatha was a choice taken by senior rancher pioneers of Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha and Swaraj Abhiyan. I’m fledgling to governmental issues and need to oblige it.

For what reason do you need Sumalatha as MP?

A few chiefs of major ideological groups have occupied with unlawful mining at Babybetta in Mandya. This is an extraordinary threat to Krishnarajasagara (KRS), the help of Mandya and is making a colossal misfortune the exchequer. Sumalatha guaranteed to battle against unlawful mining if she’s chosen. That is the point at which we chose to help her.

Will you seek after governmental issues or activism?

Activism is the reason I joined governmental issues, similar to my dad. Activism is in my blood and I’ll proceed with it.

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