What is wrong if Pawan Kalyan acts in movies now?

Pawan Kalyan is gears up to resume his acting career and connected works are occurring at a brisk pace already.

This move from Pawan was criticized by some YCP and TDP leaders. they’re saying that Pawan isn’t serious regarding politics and lacks the integrity to steer from the front.

Well, Pawan Kalyan’s fans have a fitting reply for this.

“What is wrong if Pawan Kalyan acts in movies currently. All the distinguished politicians in Andhra Pradesh produce other businesses and that they earn cash through them. Acting is Pawan’s profession and it’s up to him to choose whether or not he continues it or not.” this is often the argument that’s being created by Janasena activists.

This sounds like a really valid purpose. we want to attend and see however TDP and YCP forces can react to the identical.

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