Who is scared of Narendra Modi’s caste? Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s protests show why this remains a crucial issue for Opposition

The Gandhi scions concentrate on popular culture politics. The formula is simple. Take a small indefinite amount of socialism, doles and entitlements, add a touch of ‘woke’ dialogue, run to temples on even days and observe “secularism” on odd, play truant with facts and loves an entire ton of virtue-signalling. The senior, Congress president Rahul Gandhi UN agency is outwardly a janeu-certified Hindu, tells anyone willing to concentrate that “religion, caste and beliefs matter very little to him”. that’s terribly comforting to listen to.

He runs round the country and even on the far side its shores and claims that Congress believes in “new politics” and in “spreading love and brotherhood”, “country belongs to everybody, every caste and each person”. At the comprehensive session last year, he aforementioned solely Congress “can heal the divisions of the state.”

And then his sister, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, tells reporters that she doesn’t understand Narendra Modi’s caste.

“Even nowadays, I don’t understand his (PM Modi’s) caste. The Opposition and also the Congress leaders are solely raising problems associated with development. they need ne’er raised the problem of this caste. we’ve got ne’er created any personal remarks against him,” Priyanka was quoted as speech in Amethi.

Priyanka’s remarks are fascinating.

UN agency is fearful of Narendra Modis caste? Priyanka Gandhi Vadras protests show why this stays a very important issue for OppositionIt is in BJP’s interest to crack the caste equation and charm to the underside half the voters and it stands at an obstacle if the caste barriers remain solid. AFP
She is either misinformed or wilfully distorting facts. The Opposition has raised the problem of Modi’s caste in a very huge manner. the problem of caste remains the good word in Indian politics, a lot of thus in Uttar Pradesh wherever 2 caste-based, arch-rival parties have close to thwart the BJP. The Congress has found no place within the alliance, however that’s solely as a result of the SP and also the BSP feel that Congress would be higher utilised as a ‘vote-cutter’ against BJP and profit the Opposition.

It is in BJP’s interest to crack the caste equation and charm to the underside half the voters and it stands at an obstacle if the caste barriers stay solid. It isn’ significantly troublesome to grasp that Mayawati or Akhilesh Yadav’s entire ball game is to strengthen the caste divisions and see thereto that their several core voters keep faithful the bases. For the SP-BSP gathbandhan, everything from the choice of candidates to campaign rhetoric, is predicated on this equation.

We, therefore, see that Modi’s caste has become a giant electoral issue. this is often thus for 2 reasons. One, the 2019 Lok Sabha elections are basically a mandate on Modi. Two, the primary condition being met, Modi’s caste is very important within the lexicon of politics a minimum of in Hindi region. If the prime minister belongs to the ‘backward caste’ class, then it becomes troublesome for the Opposition to strengthen the lower caste-upper caste narrative as a result of Modi then becomes a organism of the subaltern.

It is exactly why BSP big gun Mayawati has been at pains to say currently that Modi could be a ‘fake OBC’. “There is not any doubt that he (Mulayam) has joined individuals from all teams of the society beneath the SP banner. He doesn’t come back from a pretend backward community like PM Modi, he’s real OBC leader,” Mayawati aforementioned at a rally in Mainpuri, the bastion of Samajwadi Party, recently.

At a conference in Lucknow, Mayawati claimed that “in order to derive political profits throughout elections, he (Modi) got his higher caste enclosed within the list of backward castes. Like (SP patriarch) Mulayam Singh Yadav and (SP chief) Akhilesh Yadav, Modi wasn’t born in a very backward caste…. Today, at Kannauj, he had (Modi) aforementioned Behenji and Akhilesh consider him as a lowly (neech) person as he hails from a backward caste. Their (BJP’s) Dalit-backward card isn’t operating any longer,” value-added the BSP leader.

Mayawati was touching on a speech created by Modi wherever the prime minister had slammed the SP and BSP for referring to his caste and claimed in Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj that the Opposition is raising the problem of his caste as a result of they’re left with no real problems which he belongs not simply to the backward, however “extremely backward community”.

“I haven’t spoken regarding my caste, however ‘mahamilawati’ individuals are forcing ME to talk regarding it. i’m not backward however was born in extreme mental retardation. Don’t drag ME into this caste politics,” Modi aforementioned whereas addressing the rally. “I hail from a very backward caste, my caste is thus little that there are solely two-three homes of my caste in my village,” he claimed.

Mayawati’s claim, that Modi enclosed his caste among the OBC roll whereas serving because the Gujarat chief minister, is wrong. Bihar’s deputy chief minister and BJP leader Sushil Modi has seen that the prime minister belongs to “Modh Ghanchi caste that was enclosed in OBC class once Shaktisingh Gohil was a minister within the cupboard of Chabildas Mehta Cong CM on Gregorian calendar month twenty five, 1994.” The roll of socially and educationally backward caste communities as declared by the state of Gujarat is offered here.

But the larger purpose is that a spotlight on caste politics is that the necessity of the Opposition, not like the BJP, that is ostensible to fight the election on planks of nationalism, national security and development. The BJP’s campaign motif is ‘phir ekbaar Modi sarkar’ (Modi government once more). The party is attempting to locomote the caste base and consolidate its position by reinforcing the category base wherever it’s worked to boost the lives of poor by giving them gas connections, electricity, housing, bathrooms and bank accounts.

On the opposite hand, Opposition’s game is to take care of the establishment on caste divisions and make sure that BJP’s consolidation is discomfited on caste and community lines. straightforward to grasp why Mayawati, Akhilesh, Priyanka or RJD leader Tejashvi Yadav are needing to target Modi’s caste. during this context, Priyanka’s witticism to reporters that she doesn’t understand what Modi’s caste is, gains value-added significance.

It tells U.S.A. that Congress and also the Opposition are still enjoying politics of the past. This election, among several alternative things, also will show whether or not politics in Asian nation has rapt on or remained stuck within the century that we’ve got left behind.

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